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Here in St. Louis I have a basement shop that measures about 12' x 15'. It shares half the basement with LOML's treadmill and is separated from same by beautiful 6 mil plastic. Truly lovely. I am still on the steep part of the learning curve for this woodworking thing and the shop is in a fairly early stage of development too. Preadolescent you could say. I stood at the 6' sliding barn type door to take the first 5 pictures below.

lumber storage, band saw

I am considering a horizontal lumber rack along the top of the wall to your left which might allow the workbench to move against the wall. Then I would have to find someplace for the band saw. Behind the band saw is a ceramic kiln, a remnant from an earlier hobby which I hope to find room for (somewhere else!). I have it in my woodshop for the same reason Hillary climbed Everest. It currently supports my router table. The closet behind there stores other clay stuff. On the floor under the bench is the portable planer. The bench, which came first, is just the right height to serve as an outfeed table for the contractor's table saw.

bench, saw, sink

Scanning to the right you see the sink area left over from the home office the prior owner had in here. I tore up his carpet to put in the white tile, which brightened the room up considerably. Note: do not try to grout half a room at one fell swoop. Dry grout is hard to remove from tile. DAMHIKT. I keep sharpening stones on the counter there and have some finishing supplies under the sink. The sink area is a great place to collect saw dust.


Still scanning right, you can see that I have a hard time throwing away scraps and cutoffs.

tool storage (somewhere)

A closer look at the key tool storage area: power hand tools on top (I really ought to cut all those cords down to 6"), measuring and marking etc. on the next, table saw jigs on the next, firewood below. I have plans and birch ply to make a four drawer toolbox for that second shelf, which should organize the chisels and planes a bit. I am working on it.

drill press treasure

The orangeish-yellow thing is the wimpiest drill press you have ever seen. It was a gift from my father-in-law. He bought it from Central Hardware (a local HD casualty) in the Pleistocene era. It was free and it makes straight holes, so it is staying.

table saw, bench

Here is the view from the table saw. On the floor behind the plastic is the $1/bf air dried walnut that will someday become a Philadelphia tall chest. I am working on it.

I confess that I cleaned up a bit before taking the pictures so you could see the main stuff. The only thing you cannot see is the lumber pile in the garage from local logs I converted. Thanks for visiting.

Regards, Tom

Originally posted 21 July 2001

wb 22 July 2001