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A Tour of Quent & Helen Patterson's Shop
Ye Ole Yankee Workshop
Woodworking is a family affair.

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Quent's dream was to build an above ground shop with ample room for the tools he had amassed over a lifetime of woodworking. It all began in 1939 back in Norwalk, CT when, at the age of 7, he asked his father for a "real workbench."


In 1998, after a variety of basement shops, an evolution of tools and woodworking skills and the production of a house full of furniture, Quent converted the two bedroom garage apartment next to our home into his 26 x 35 dream shop.

The Pattersons' Shop

Finally the room to upgrade the table saw to the Delta Unisaw, add an oscillating spindle sander, drum sander, mortising machine and router table. The dust collection system--4-in. PVC piping with grounding wire--encircles the shop serving each machine. The double door and ramp off the back of the shop allow access and clearance to bring in lumber and machinery and to remove "whatever."

For the first time, everything has its own space, dust is down and we actually work by daylight. With overhead fluorescent lighting, a wood stove in winter and air conditioning in summer the shop is cozy and humming all year round.

Quent Patterson's Bench

We have added an 8ft bench, but will always use the original real bench that started it all.

Helen Patterson's Corner

Helen, the sander and stainer in the family, now has her own corner with a bench for chip carving, some power carving tools, a small Jet lathe and a DeWalt scrollsaw.

Her bench and the wall cabinets are from the apartment kitchen and the patched flooring shows where apartment walls once stood.

Our fascination with woodworking continues to develop and deepen as active members of the Lehigh Valley Woodworkers' Guild.

Perfect for family...

Son Jim, a chip off the old block, splits evenings and weekends between building furniture in our shop and running his WoodMizer in nearby Wind Gap, PA.

Good Place for Grandkids

On vacation from Seattle, son Scott (pictured left) teaches Ally (9) on Grandma’s scrollsaw while Ryan (11) checks out Grandpa’s lathe. In one short week, the kids were hooked and now have their own DeWalt.

Ryan and Ally with Their Creations

"We made all these in Grandpa’s shop!" Are they proud or what?

Wayne Barton Teaches at Pattersons

...And fit for a Master: Wayne Barton Chip Carving Workshop, May 2001

Chip Carving Class

Classmembers from left to right: Paul Mosteller, Bob Tinsman (behind Paul), Angelo Triadafilou, Helen Patterson, Bruce Solt, Wayne, Joan Lech, Ron Redman, Bob Berner and Ken Meuth.

For two days we learned..we laughed and everyone had a great time as Wayne taught us sharpening, borders, grids, rosettes, free form and some design. We’ll be working at two benches when he returns for our advanced class later this year.

Helen Patterson

Posted 25 February 2003

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