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A Tour of Mark Meier's Shop
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Here are some pictures of my shop. Essentially it is a crowded yet somewhat organized mess. I try hard to have a fixed place for everything. But I still have some tools that need a place to stay. And I don’t have enough space! A huge breakthrough for me was my recent ban of the trash cans from the garage. They now reside on the deck behind the house :) Ahhhhh… a few more sq. ft. of floor space.


This view shows my bench area with various stuff all over the place. There is sawdust everywhere at this time because I was sanding yesterday. I wish I had room for a large downdraft table. As it is I have to wear a dust mask all the time and then vacuum a lot. I also have a "saw problem" (that is I simultaneously own too many and yet somehow not enough) and I need to build another rack for them one of these decades.

other direction

This is a view from the other direction. I'm working on a walnut sofa table now and the various parts are scattered about.


Here's a picture of my bench. I made a rack for tools along the back and have some pegboard with hand tools within reach.

drill press

Here's the drill press and chop saw. You may recognize the chop saw stand as a New Yankee Workshop project. It's a pretty good design except for those wacky fold out extension which I never did get installed correctly.

table saw

My much-loved table saw. I built that shelf down there recently to eeck out a bit more storage space. I'd like to build a drawer under there too. This also functions as my assembly table most of the time since I don't have anywhere else to do glue ups except the floor which isn't anywhere near flat.


Here are some other various tools. Generally the only thing I really have to roll out to use is the planer. I can usually bandsaw and sand in place.

router table

Here's my router table. The dust hookup goes to a Fein shop vac and this is the closest thing I have to power tool woodworking elegance.


Here's a bunch of sharpening equipment. But actually I do most of my sharpening by hand with some waterstones sitting in a tub on the floor beneath this bench. Carving tools I sharpen at the grinder on the left. It's got a felt wheel which works very quickly.

shop cart

Here’s another NYW project – the Rolling Shop Cart. It doesn’t roll anywhere anymore since it has no room to go anyplace. On top are some storage bins I made using those cool Lee Valley drawers they sell. (No you’re not hallucinating when you look at those drawer fronts – those are JPEG compression artifacts!)

shop dog

Finally, here's my dog, Benson. This shot was staged -- he's not allowed out here when I'm working in Walnut. It's not good for his him as he trots about exercising his sniffer all over the place. When it's not so dusty and I'm using hand tools he's usually hanging out with me, which is nice for both of us.


Originally posted 26 November 2002

wb 26 November 2002