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A Tour of Jeremy Osner's Shop
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My shop is very small; it is in the corner of our guest bedroom. Here is the overall view:

Workbench and tool rack

The bench I bought from Garrett Wade as a "second" -- not too much is really wrong with it that can't be fixed, it gives me a nice stable surface to do my work. You can see my tools here: Japanese handsaws are hanging from the shelf that holds my hand planes and radio. Clamps and dust control system are stored on the upper shelf. The book shelf in back contains (among other things) my woodworking books and catalogs.

I keep my lumber on the floor to the right of the bench:

Scrap bin

That bucket holds cut-offs and there are some longer pieces next to it. Being an apartment dweller I don't keep very much lumber around my shop. The drawers hold my carving tools, chisels and sandpaper. Also you can see my scary sharpening system under the bench top. My power drill is under the bench top to the right of the sharpening block.

Well, that's my shop -- not a whole lot to it but it suits me all right.

Originally posted 20 June 2001

wb 20 June 2001