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A Tour of Ernie Miller's Shop
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Well, after seeing some of your dirty shops, I thought mine wasn't so bad after all, so here is what it looks like. My wife likes to park her car inside at night so some room must be kept clean.

If you can find them, there are 2 table saws, a jointer, 2 band saws, lathe, riding mower, push mower, air cleaner, and dust collector. The bench is a work in progress. I have the bowling lane on top of a previous frame with drawers to be added.

First view of the shop

First view

Second view of the shop

Another view

Last view of the shop

Last one from the shop with tails.

Last fall (2000) when I realized that it was going to be a long cold winter without heat in the shop I decided to build a neander shop in the basement of our house. This is what I came up with. It is a work in progress but it is a start. So come in have a cup of coffee and sit a spell.

First view of the shop

This is a picture of the south wall showing the tool racks. They are made of white oak and hang on the wall on the horizontal board that has a 15% back bevel (French cleat? ed.). The shelves have a front bevel to keep them from falling off. This way I can move the tools up to the power shop in the summer if I want or need.

First view of the shop

This is a picture of the east and south walls; it is just a better picture. The other walls are pretty much empty right now mainly because they are concrete and hanging stuff is a little harder. Maybe I'll get around to that next winter or in the heat of the summer. I have picked up about a dozen more planes since these pics so I need to make more shelves and racks for them.

Thanks for viewing, enjoy.


Originally posted 27 June 2000

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