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A Tour of Bruce Page's Shop

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I just finished up several Teak pieces for a friends boat and decided to do a good cleanup and shoot some pictures. It’s been a couple of years since I posted my original shop tour, there have been some changes, not the least of which is a decent digital camera—Thanks for the tip, Dominic, the Olympus C-4000 Z is awesome!

front view of shop

The first four pics are of the bench I built a few years back. It has stood up well. Contrary to what a lot of people say, when you build a nice bench you are more careful not to ding & gouge it up. My last bench looked like it went through a couple of wars.

workbench side

The sides & back are raised panel construction (12 of them). The framework is held together with 30 mortise & tenon joints that I pinned with walnut dowels.

workbench detail

The 14 drawers are 27" deep with dovetails on each end.




Going counter clockwise from the bench, the next two pics are of the new Sterling 45,000 BTU heater that I installed.

heater—another view

I do most of my woodworking in the winter and this thing keeps the shop very comfortable. I wish that I'd installed it years ago!

grinder and sander

Bench grinder & 12" sander

engine lathe

5hp variable speed, 14" x 40" engine lathe. It cuts wood too!

The next three shots are of my milling machine that I adapted to wood working with the router mount that I built. You just swing the head around on the turret and away you go!

milling machine 1

milling machine 2

milling machine 3

rotary table

This pic is my milling vise & rotary table.


Drum sander & DC. The stack of quarter sawn white oak is for a Mission style bookcase that I started sometime back. I started a new job at the lab where I work and consequently have been traveling a lot to Kodiak, Alaska, and Vandenberg AFB in California. Unfortunately, I don't get as much time in the shop as I would like.



planer and jointer

Planer & Jointer

table saw

The heart of the shop, the tablesaw

table saw w/router insert

I made the router insert plate out of 3/8" aluminum plate and drilled a series of holes in it. The holes & my DC do a surprisingly good job of pulling the chips down.

old friend and me

Yours Truly, and an old friend.

Thanks for looking!

Originally posted 9 November 2002

wb 14 November 2002

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